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bem-vindo ao aeroporto rory gallagher!!!

Rename Cork International Airport to Cork Rory Gallagher Airport

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    Dublin Airport Authority/Cork City Council
Ireland has traditionally lauded her favourite sons and daughters, especially those involved in the performing arts.

Rory Gallagher (1947 1995) was Irelands first true international rock and roll star and was revered not only for his supreme musicianship and talent as an entertainer but also for his integrity as an artist and overwhelming humility as a person. He could bring together people from across religious and political divides in joyous celebration of peace through music and that music is as vibrant and exciting today as it ever was. His career spanned 30 years from the showbands; through Taste, one of the biggest bands in the world in the late 60s and then a successful solo career until his untimely death in 1995. He is still greatly mourned by his millions of fans worldwide.

A national memorial to Rory in Ireland is long overdue. Rory lived for many years in Cork. He bought his trademark Fender Stratocaster guitar in the town in 1963 and played it almost every day until he died. He was known and loved by the local population and its a love that is still very evident today. He is still regularly honoured as a favourite son with tributes in the city but there is now a case for a more permanent monument. We feel that there would be no better way to keep his name and spirit alive across the world than by petitioning the relevant authorities to rename the existing Cork International Airport to Cork Rory Gallagher Airport. The airport continues to undergo a huge programme of redevelopment and expansion so a popular name change at this time could only enhance the success of the new facilities.

Airports bring people together. Rorys talent and humility still does.



acredita que eu sinto uma saudade do carélha desse irlandês?

qualquer hora, vou listar aqui os shows mais arretados que presenciei…

e pode ter certeza que rory estará lááááá no alto!

ainda bem minha xeretinha estava com filme nas duas ocasiões em que nos cruzamos!!!

A Lenda em dagenham (londres)…