antes de esclarecer o real motivo para tanta felicidade de alice quando o circo “billion dollar babies tour” passou pelo brasa, em 1974…

vamos a dois pombos que chegaram de nossa audiência.

primeiro, renato passa as infos da visita…

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South American Billion Dollar Babies Tour 1974

There’s nothing quite like flogging a dead horse! This would end up
being the final time the band would ever perform live again in the
same compacity. It would be surprising if any band could survive such
a self-inflicted pace of constant touring, recording, excessive
drinking and health problems.

This short tour of South America was almost like Beatlemania had hit,
it was the first time a rock band had played the area. The band
arrived and they were mauled by the massive crowds waiting for them,
having to be escorted by armed police – armed with machine guns. The
shows varied in size – from huge indoor arenas to smaller couple
thousand seat venues. One concert actually set the record for the
largest indoor attendance – 150,000!

Not much is known about the tour, but the show would have been the
same as the previous Billion Dollar Babies Holiday Tour, with the
removal of Santa Claus. Audio does exist from one show on the tour,
possibly more.

Songs Performed

Love It To Death (1971):

I’m Eighteen

Killer (1971):

Dead Babies

School’s Out (1972):

School’s Out / My Stars

Billion Dollar Babies (1973):

Hello Hurray / Billion Dollar Babies / Elected / Sick Things /
Unfinished Sweet / I Love The Dead /

Muscle Of Love (1973):

Big Apple Dreamin / Muscle Of Love / Hard Hearted Alice / Working Up A Sweat

1974 March

30: Brazil – Anhembi, Sao Paulo
150,000 in attendence (Circus Magazine, July 1974)
with Som Nosso de Cada Dia (translated as: Our Daily Sound)

1974 April

02: Brazil – Teatro, Sao Paulo
05: Brazil – Canecao, Rio e Janeiro
07: Brazil – Maracanacinho, Rio de Janeiro
08: Brazil – Maracanacinho, Rio de Janeiro

e joão, residente em berlim, atualiza mister cooper…
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“mister, vi o negativo positivo no tico e foi impossível não pensar nessa série de comerciais protagonizados pelo próprio alice cooper para a equivalente alemã do que seriam as nossas casas bahia:

doidera doida de outro planeta!
aquele abraço 🙂 “