direto de leeds, preocupado com a bhering…

Subject: Autumn Will Be Coming Soon

“Hi Mauricio,

It’s a while since we spoke so I thought it was time just to send you a few lines.  How are you doing?  Have you got any further with launching Ronca Ronca?

With the Olympics finished here in this country the spotlight is starting to turn on Rio as your city will be firstly hosting the World Cup and then two years later the games.  I am mentioning this as there has been quite a few articles in our newspapers featuring stories about your city and its preparations for the forthcoming events.  One story that particularly interested me was a piece about the cities dockland area that is to be redeveloped, I’m not sure if this a good thing or a bad thing, but the part that caught my attention was the plight of a collective of artists that are based in the old Bhering sweet factory who are going to be evicted by the new owners Syn Brazil.  I believe the mayor Eduardo Paes has stepped in and a judge has removed the eviction notice……… but for how long?  If you know any more I would love to know the outcome of this dispute as what these artists, sculptors, painters, fashion designers and sound engineers have done in an 80 year old factory sounds amazing.

I can’t wait to return to Rio again and take a trip or two on the 433!!!!!

PS In the summer when I’m not using the number 12 bus or riding my bike I use the Citroen in the photo as transport.  I’ve owned it since 1990 but don’t use it in the winter here as they put salt on the roads when we have ice and snow which tends to rust old cars.