nina+nick+warren (ou champanhe+cocaína+salsichas+chiclete)…

em 1999, nick cave selecionou a rapaziada para participar do festival meltdown que acontece anualmente, em londres!

a performance de nina simone barafundou a cuca de todos que estiveram no royal festival hall.

prestenção no papo de nick & warren ellis (the bad seeds) que está no filme “20.000 days” sobre a situação…

NICK: Do you remember that gig, the Nina Simone gig?
WARREN: Oh yeah.
NICK: Fuck that was good, wasn’t it.
WARREN: Yeah, it was up there. I’ve seen a bunch of gigs, that’s one, that was one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen.
NICK: Do you remember, before she started playing, she tool the chewing gum out of her mouth… Took the chewing gum out and just stuck it on the piano…
WARREN: …on the piano, yeah. I have that chewing gum. I have that.
NICK: You’ve got that?
WARREN: I took it yeah. I went up and took it off the stage afterwards.
NICK: Did you really?
WARREN: Yeah. I have it in a towel, that one, she wiped her forehead and went like that…
NICK: Oh fuck, I’m really jealous.
WARREN: And it’s in my little studio where I work. I remember, because Matt Crosbie, Matt mixed her. And Matt apparently walked past her room and she was sitting in there like looking really pissed off and not wanting to be there and he goes like “is everything okay Mrs. Simone”, or whatever, you know.
NICK: Doctor Simone.
WARREN: Doctor Simone, I guess, “and is there anything I can get you?” And she just said “I’d like some champagne, some cocaine, and some sausages!” And Matt goes “I’ll see what I can do”. So he went off and he got some coke and some champagne and some sausages for her and he said she just had this big grin on her face and she goes “thank you!” And goes (snorts) hoovered up the coke, drank some champagne and ate her sausages.
NICK: Yeah.
WARREN: And then we saw her come on stage, you know. Like she’d wrapped the duvet around her.
NICK: Yeah, yeah.
WARREN: That was unbelievable that show. I’ve never seen an audience like that, that felt like they were about to fall in on top of one another. Nobody knew what to expect.
NICK: Well she was genuinely frightening.
WARREN: Terrifying.