segura (ou seu coraçãozinho está em dia?)…

In November of last year, we were invited to visit Peel Acres for the third and final part of our trilogy of Record Store Day releases.
Producers Tall Black Guy, Kidkanevil, Eric Lau & Mr Thing spent the day exploring the collection, tasked with finding inspiration and samples from the thousands of records on the shelves. They then each created a new track from their discoveries on the day.

The resulting tracks will be released on a double 7” pack which will be available on Record Store Day 2016. All four tracks on the record were created using music sampled from the John Peel Archive.

This is the trailer for the video documentary that accompanies the project. The videos from the previous two years releases can be found here:

Director / Editor: Ricky Kershaw
Director of Photography: Andrew Muir
Motion GFX / Grading / Sound Mix: Chris Matthews

Album sleeve design by Matt Bailey.

Thanks to The John Peel Archive: Leon Nockolds, David Pye, James Leeds, Dave Guttridge, Iain Lowery and the Ravenscroft Family: Sheila, Tom, William, Danda, Flossie and Edgar.