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judy & emitt…

dois tombos fortes, nas últimas horas, pra quem gosta do fairport convention… principalmente, do disco de estréia que começa com a música acima de autoria de emitt rhodes e tem judy dyble como vocalista (antes de sandy denny)… sad sad sad!

1968, pretty much the first incarnation of one of my favourite ‘folk-rock’ (sic) bands of all time (at this stage of their career they were known as the British Jefferson Airplane), featuring Judy Dyble (replaced the next year by Sandy Denny) and Iain Matthews (Ian Matthews)(who later scored a #1 hit with Joni Mitchell’s ‘Woodstock’ as Matthews Southern Comfort) on vocals, and the world famous singer/songwriter/guitarist Richard Thompson, as well as Tyger Hutchings, Simon Nicol and Martin Lamble, who sadly died on 12th May 1969, aged only 19, after Fairport’s van crashed on the M1 motorway. Richard Thompson’s girlfriend Jeannie Franklyn was killed too, the rest of the band escaped with minor injuries. Written by Emitt Rhodes. From the bands first album ‘Fairport Convention’ featuring Ian MacDonald (later known as Ian Matthews), Richard Thompson, Judy Dyble, Simon Nicol, Tyger (Ashley) Hutchings and Martin Lamble. Clare Lowther also featured on ‘cello.