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Here is Judee Sill, recorded in London in February of 1973 for the “Old Grey Whistle Test” TV program on the BBC. There are other clips and songs from this session and the one before it, but sadly this is the only one that has been released, at least as far as I know. Judee visited my radio program (The LA Litehouse) on KPFK in Los Angeles in early 1970. She sang a number of songs, and talked about who she was and where she came from well before her first album was released. She was perplexing and enchanting all at the same time. She was determined to be successful as a musician, and by my reckoning, she seemed well on her way. Her songwriting skills and her sense of perfection were a wonder to behold. She was also a wild child and very much a rebel in her own way. She was 28 years old at the time of this recording. A very rare talent.

Sadly, it was all over in 1979 when she tragically passed away.

(retirado da apresentação do vídeo no Utube)


a série “a menina sem qualidades” de felipe hirsch, na MTV, está fazendo um monte de gente conhecer judee sill!


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