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kid coNgo…

danado, hein?

pra quem estiver viajandão (muitos d’aTRIPA estão batendo perninhas foreta do brasa), vale investir nos discos dele.

kid congo circulou por aqui, em 89, junto ao the bad seeds de nick cave e relembra a situation…

The Bad Seeds went to Brazil to play. Nick really fell in love with Brazil and he fell in love with a girl in Brazil. By this time I’d actually moved back to London. Mick and Nick had moved back to London and I followed suit and got a house with Nick and Anita in Cobham Common. There we had a three-story house and in the attic there was a piano where he wrote all of the songs for The Good Son. This time we left Berlin because drugs had really taken their toll and we really wanted out. Nick and Anita had gone to rehab and I had started going to NA meetings and stopped taking drugs and started to get myself together because by the end of Berlin, even though this was the height of the most popular thing I’d done, I’d really lost interest. I was no longer excited about music. I’d turned to stone. That’s what heroin does to you. People were overdosing and dying in the scene and I was seeing that people didn’t care about it and I had this crazy moment of like, “This is so fucked up and this is not me. I was this crazy music fan and now I’m just this jaded feeling-nothing person.” And it really scared me so I decided to move with Nick and Anita back to London with a fresh start of things. And since they were going to be there anyway it made logical sense.

And at this time we went to Brazil to play and it was about this time Nick met a girl who was to be the mother of his child. He was really taken with Brazil – as we all were. So we decided – Nick decided – that it would actually turn out to be cheaper to get a studio in Brazil, and fly us all out there and stay there to record an album. So we went to Sao Paulo and stayed for three weeks making The Good Son – tracking it all. And that was a great time. A great experience. I was sober and I was excited about making a record again.

The music was changing. He was getting more songwriter-y – they were more song-like. Although there was still an experimental edge, the songs were a little more formed – I think because he wrote them all on piano. He was going through a big change at the time as well. And so that was really a great experience being in Sao Paulo and being in Brazil. It was such a completely different atmosphere than Berlin or London which was a kind of cold and hard reality. And Brazil was beautiful and sunny and the people were really nice. Even though there was a lot of poverty and crime there, it still was OK with us. It was a good good good time. (daqui)


(nick & kid)