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Mötorhead’s Lemmy stars in milk ad released weeks after his death

Kilmister filmed campaign for Finnish dairy giant Valio less than a month before he died and ad agency turned it into a tribute

Motörhead frontman Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister is posthumously starring in an ad promoting milk filmed less than a month before he died.
Kilmister, who died on 28 December and will have his funeral live-streamed on 9 January, features in the ad which can be seen on YouTube and Vimeo.
Hasan & Partners, the marketing agency that created the 40-second film for Finnish dairy giant Valio, said that the “Lemmy tribute” film had been “well received” by the frontman’s management.

He then says “you asshole” and makes a wry smile.
Following Lemmy’s death the script was altered to recreate the ad as a tribute.
The endline copy says “Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister 1945-2015”, followed by “We raise our glasses to you”.
More text reads: “This is offered in celebration of the life of a lovely, exceptional man – a man who celebrated life so vibrantly himself.
“This was our magical encounter with a great man and we’re honoured to share it with the world.”
“We were in the middle of post-production when the news about Lemmy broke,” said Jussi Lindholm, chief operating officer of Hasan & Partners. “We are profoundly grateful to have worked with him and that Lemmy’s management feel good about the result. We discussed not airing the ad but had footage that was not part of the original script, which crystallised Lemmy’s spirit, so we agreed to change it and make a tribute.”


The ad was shot in Maunula, Finland, close to Hartwall Arena where Motörhead performed shortly after Lemmy finished the commercial.
campaign website features behind the scenes footage, anecdotes and production stills, plus further background on the original ad and inspiration for the 2016 remake.
“We were devastated to learn of Lemmy’s passing, but honoured to have collaborated with him,” said Hanna Savolainen, Valio marketing manager. “Lemmy was great to work with and we feel we’ve captured the essence of his genuine, lively spirit.”
Lemmy, most famous for the song Ace of Spades, died at home in Los Angeles just four days after his 70th birthday after being diagnosed with “extremely aggressive cancer”.
Since his death, fans have signed an online petition for the singer’s nickname to live on through a newly discovered element to be named “Lemmium”.
Rockers can also view a live feed of the Stoke-born bass player’s Hollywood funeral on Saturday at 11pm.


Assunto: Lemmy & MG – Os Motörheads da arquibancada
“Olá MauVal!
Novamente, o Ronca Ronca de ontem estava demais!
Semana passada havia mandado um e-mail comentando sobre uma possível participação do Hawkwind na programação, o que de fato aconteceu mesmo porque a audiência não deixaria passar em branco.
Esqueci de comentar um fato interessantíssimo sobre o Lemmy.
Aqui em MG a homenagem maior foi feita a ele não na data de sua subida e sim a 20 anos atrás quando foi fundada uma torcida organizada por uns cabeludos e roqueiros (hoje carecas e barrigudos rsrs).
A torcida cresceu e ainda frequenta as arquibancadas mas, por causa da invenção do futebol moderno não é permitida levar as faixas ao Estádio Independência.
A homenagem se deu à partir de um show antológico realizado pelo Motörhead em BH na época  (década de 90) de vacas magras do time e que um dos refúgios era os escassos shows de rock.
Fato é que boa parte da massa (e do outro lado também) se sentiu um pouco órfã desde o ultimo dia 28.