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7.5, hoje (ou heroes)…

#VEDay75 #VEDay2020 #VEDay #ToyahWillcox #RobertFripp Celebrating VE Day Heroes on Friday 8 May 2020 for VE Day 2020. The two VE Day Heroes being celebrated within the Fripp and Willcox families: Uncle Bill, aka RAF Flight Sergeant Alfie Fripp,… who helped in planning The Great Escape. Beric Willcox of the Royal Navy, based in Alexandria, who guarded convoys in the Mediterranean… —————————————————————–


Backing track: King Crimson Live in Berlin on 12 September 2016 Personnel: Gavin Harrison, Jeremy Stacey, Pat Mastelotto, Mel Collins, Tony Levin, Jakko Jakszyk & Robert Fripp Fairy dustings provided by Bill Rieflin Recorded and mixed by Chris Porter Produced by Chris Porter with Robert Fripp & David Singleton Used by permission Vocal track & video: Toyah Willcox, at home in the kitchen, Middle England; 5 May 2020 on iPhone Vocal & backing track mix: Jakko Jakszyk


The guitar used in the video is Robert Fripp’s Les Paul serial no. 9-1986; used on all KC albums 1969-74; and on the Heroes session in Berlin with David Bowie, Tony Visconti & Brian Eno at the Hansa Studios, July 1977.