andré mandou pra gente (ou fulu miziki estourando a boca do balão)…

Since 1999 Pisco Crane has worked tirelessly to develop a musical genre that is build on the sound of found items and the recycling of anything that is trashed. In 2019 Fulu Miziki headlines Nyege Nyege Festival with their first show outside of DRC as the complete Fulu Miziki Orchestra, featuring the amazing Lady Aicha as the lead voice of the ensemble. With a forthcoming album on Nyege Nyege Tapes they are currently in residency in Kampala developing a futuristic audio-visual narrative that inspires eco-consciousness as much as resilience, creativity and heavy dancefloor shake up.

gilberto & rory…

Subject: Rory no cinema…
“Fala, Maurição!
O diretor Bill Keating fez um documentário com Rory durante a turnê irlandesa em 1972. No programa está uma gravação do concerto que Rory tocou no Cinema Savoy  em Limerick, em 11 de maio de 1972.
Nesses tempos sombrios… é um calmante para a alma.
Rio de Janeiro – RJ

já viu?

muuuuito bacana esse doc sobre o cantor do INXS… cujo bigode nunca atravessou o caminho do meu… certamente por isso também, quase toda a informação do filme é inédita e muito aterrorizante. barra pesada, olho parado total… um panelão sonoro sacudido por chris thomas, nick launay, warren ellis… com presenças  de bob geldof, paula yates… e o mais casca grossa: a passagem pela terra de michael… mamãe!


pedro “blackhill” mandou pra gente…

Despite the limited resources and locations imposed by the quarantine, Thiago had nothing to complain about. The friends mentioned above were the camerawoman Geraldine Pasztor, the music artist Jonas Sá, the guitarist Pedro Sá (and his son, Nino) and the singer Luiza Casé. With Jonas as director, the group filmed the entire music video using whatever color lamps, cellophane and tin foil they could find at home. Having in mind Thiago’s idea of using paper clippings and the photos produced by Hick Duarte and Caio Paiva for Mente, Jonas used stop-motion animations and fast-paced editing to create a collage effect. The video presents us with a colourful Thiago singing in the midst of a psychedelic entropy of images that cuts between textures and spaces and makes both reality and imagination hard to distinguish; a refrigerator that eats people and dangerous 2D stones that are like hypnotic kryptonite. Soar Estranho is the first single from MENTE, the artist’s new album that will be released on July 3rd on LP, CD and digital by the London Gearbox label. Personnel: Thiago Nassif: Vocals, Guitars, Loops, Drum Machine, Trumpets Vinicius Cantuária: Drums Guilherme Lírio: Bass Arto Lindsay: Guitar Ricardo Dias Gomes: Minimoog Gabriela Riley: Vocals